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January/February 2012
An O.I.C. Specialty Laboratory
Occlusion - Implant - Cosmetic

We've grown into an O.I.C. Laboratory!
At Klausz Dental Laboratories, we are committed to providing our clients with a full range of services, restorations, and appliances to meet all aspects of clinical dentistry. To meet your expectations we have grown into an Occlusal-Implant-Cosmetic (O.I.C.) Laboratory.

We view the role of the dental lab as a partner to our clients, in both determining their goals and objectives and going out of our way in helping to achieve them. When we say, "Working Harder And Smarter For Your Practice!", we mean that we're finding solutions for each of our client's specific needs and challenges, whatever they may be. We consider ourselves to be an extension of your dental practice. That is the changing role of the dentist/laboratory relationship, and we believe it has led to the continued success of our clients and our laboratory.

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Ultra Thin Porcelain Veneers

For Doctors and Patients Who Expect the Finest in Aesthetic Restorations

Cosmetic dentistry has made great strides since Dr. Charles Pinius first developed porcelain veneers in 1938. Today a patient seeking cosmetic procedures often demands results that are long lasting, natural in appearance, and compatible with existing structures. Research and development of new materials enable us to meet these demands.

With the use of today’s specially formulated veneering porcelains, ultra thin veneers of 0.3mm to 0.6mm can be made with less tooth reduction, thus decreasing the probability of sensitivity.  Nature creates a tooth through a series of layers.  Our Ultra Thin Veneers are developed in the same way.  Our technicians apply a series of the finest porcelain powders to match the patient’s shade of choice.  Through this process, the technician builds chroma, value, and hues internally, the way nature meant them to be.


Translucent masking dentins enhance the ability to hide badly discoloured teeth, while providing the same translucency, depth of colour and fluorescence inherent in natural teeth. Add to this our Exclusive Bite Equilibration Technique and you’re sure to receive restorations of the highest quality. Equilibration is essential to establish the correct occlusion. It involves eliminating incline interferences, and doing away with adjustments that lead to wasting valuable chair time.

Your patients expect you to provide the finest aesthetic restorations available. Now with Ultra Thin Veneers, you can offer them the world’s most beautiful smile. We’re eager to be a partner to your success, and are able to provide you with information on case design, preparation, and bonding techniques.

At Klausz Dental Laboratories, we take great pride in being able to provide our clients with the best dental materials science has to offer. Staying current - just another way we are working harder and smarter for your practice


Lava All-Ceramic Crowns & Bridge Restorations

Zirconia Based All All-Ceramic Restorations
Strength and Beauty Together At Last

Trusted Aesthetics, Trusted Fit, Trusted Consistency

Lava for Strength, Durability, Fit and Enhanced Aesthetics

For decades, PFM has set the standard for strength, durability and marginal fit. With the Lava All-Ceramic System, these standards have now been enhanced by aesthetics. The Lava All-Ceramic System is an innovative CAD/CAM technology for all-ceramic crowns and bridges on a zirconium oxide base. Lava crowns and bridges are suitable for both anterior and posterior applications.


Minimal Preparation, Conventional Cementation - Tinted Frameworks!

Preparations require minimal removal of tooth structure, and cementation can be accomplished using proven, conventional techniques.
The frameworks can be tinted to match the shade of the final restoration. As well, the frameworks are thin and translucent which ensure a natural appearance. The Lava All-Ceramic System provides the most durable and aesthetic, high-strength all-ceramic restorations available today.

Why We’ve Chosen Lava for our All-Ceramic Bridges
• Superior strength of Zirconia - high fracture resistance
• Outstanding marginal fit
• 8 shades of Zirconia framework
• Ideal for 4 to 5 unit bridges & indicated for up to 12 units
• Preparation is similar to PFM
• Conventional cementation
• 10-year clinical history
Lava Bonus Offers - More Reasons to Try Lava

Haven’t tried a 3M ESPE Lava restoration yet? For a limited time, Klausz Dental Lab will provide you with the perfect partner to cement your crown, with a complimentary sample of RelyX Unicerm Automix 2 when you send us your first Lava case. Call us for details. Receive a $50.00 Credit!
Another special bonus offer to first time Lava users, on your first Lava case, receive a $50.00 credit toward the price of your first Lava crown. Ask for more details.

Coaches Corner
Growing Your Practice!
Escaping The Economy!
By Peter Barry C.M.C., R.R.D.H.

Belief Helps Determine Effectiveness
What is the state of the economy within your local community? What is determining your practice success during these unpredictable economic times? Is it the economy or is it your internal strategic activities? Blaming fully a slowing economy (however real) will only serve to hand-cuff you and imprison your future to the limits of those beliefs. If we are to compete effectively in the 21st century market place, we must raise our belief in ourselves, our services and in our patients, especially during periods of economic slowdown. This is important because, what you are thinking in your mind and feeling in your heart while you interact with your patients will be projected onto them more loudly than the actual words you use. Our beliefs are powerful in determining our effectiveness. Because our beliefs determine not only the actions we take but also the passion & quality of our engagement.

See Your Own Value First
For the average community practice the question remains, how much power are you willing to give to the constantly fluctuating “economy” over your viability & success? Let’s keep in mind that even in a grossly downturned market, not all sales dry up. Our patients are also consumers and consumers are still purchasing things and patients still require dentistry. Commerce doesn’t come to a complete stand still. Your entire team has to believe you are worth more to your customers than what you sell. The way you package the entire experience people have while in your care will determine how well you are able to compete. It will also determine how well you are able to influence your customers to prioritize and see greater value in your services. We must see and feel our own value first; then we can package and deliver that belief to our customers in a positive & creative fashion that inspires them to act on their best interests. There is a difference between good clinical dentistry and good patient care. Good clinical dentistry is delivered into a mouth while good patient care is served into the life of the human attached to the teeth. Remember, service to others is the rent we pay for our room on this earth.

Escape the impact of your local economy by turning your satisfied customers into “raving fans” one relationship at a time. It’s a recession if it’s around us; it’s a depression if we buy into it. Happy Dentistry!

Author Bio
Peter Barry is a Dental Success Coach™, Certified Management Consultant, and Restorative Dental Hygienist. He provides customized group and one on one “Success Coaching” to Dental professionals across N. America. peter@practicemastery.com / 416-568-5456

Dr. Steven Olmos - Mini-Residency 
TMJ & Sleep Therapy Research

Toronto - Jan / Feb / March 2012
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