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November/December 2013
An O.I.C. Specialty Laboratory
Occlusion - Implant - Cosmetic

"We Build Advanced Occlusal Concepts
Into Everything We Do!"
We've grown into an O.I.C. Laboratory!
At Klausz Dental Laboratories, we are committed to providing our clients with a full range of services, restorations, and appliances to meet all aspects of clinical dentistry. To meet your expectations we have grown into an Occlusal-Implant-Cosmetic (O.I.C.) Laboratory.

With over 44 years of experience in the dental technology field, we build advanced occlusal concepts into every restoration and appliance we custom fabricate. With a greater understanding of how teeth, muscles and joints work together, we can create restorations that not only look lifelike and aesthetic, but can last longer and function better. Allow us to apply the knowledge we’ve accumulated into your next restoration or appliance.

We hope our e-Newsletters prove to be informative, educational, and beneficial. Each issue will cover different topics on materials, techniques, services and educational opportunities.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with specific questions. We look forward to working with you.

An Interesting Implant Case
Courtesy of Dr. Warren Hellen, Scarborough ON

" I believe in a team approach to implant dentistry, and with the skill and dedication of our periodontist, Dr. Jordan Bender, and the careful attention to detail of Ron at the lab, I was able to achieve a great result.”

Dr. Warren Hellen

Implant Integration Temporary Restoration Lingual View of Final Labial View of Final
There was only enough space to place one implant. The implant was placed in the 31 position and after integration, a screw retained 1*2 temporary, cantilever restoration was placed to shape and sculpt the tissue. After 6 weeks the final screw retained porcelain fused to metal restoration was fabricated to create a natural result.

Sleep Apnea & Snoring Appliances
To Meet Your Specific Needs
snoring keeping people awake?

We build Advanced Occlusal Concepts into every restoration

Through constant innovation and education, Klausz Dental Laboratories has grown into an Occlusion, Implant, and Cosmetic Specialty Laboratory, and we have solidified our position as a leader in these fields through various certifications. We are the only dental laboratory that builds advanced occlusal concepts into every restoration, orthotic, and dental appliance we custom fabricate.

We fabricate a wide variety of Sleep Apnea and Snoring Appliances

One of the fastest growing segments of study in dentistry today is in the treatment of T.M.J. Disorders, Orofacial Pain and Sleep Disorders. Klausz Dental Laboratories is proud of our involvement in providing dentists with guidance and educational opportunities in this developing field. We can custom fabricate a wide variety of Sleep Apnea and Snoring Appliances, following the protocol set out by of many of the leading authorities in dentistry today.

SomnoDent Flex Olmos OD6 Adjustable TheraSnore
We take great pride in not only meeting, but exceeding the expectations of our clients. We hope you will agree when you try our latest sleep appliances. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

We would like to share with you...
A Letter from a Patient

Klausz Dental Laboratories Holiday Closings 2013/2014

Dec. 25, 2013 - Jan. 3, 2014

The lab will be closed for seasonal holidays from
December 25th, 2013 to January 3st, 2014.


We will re-open January 6th, 2014.

One of the true joys of the Holiday Season is the opportunity to say
Thank You and to wish you the very best for the New Year.


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