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January/February 2014
An O.I.C. Specialty Laboratory
Occlusion - Implant - Cosmetic

"We Build Advanced Occlusal Concepts
Into Everything We Do!"
We've grown into an O.I.C. Laboratory!
At Klausz Dental Laboratories, we are committed to providing our clients with a full range of services, restorations, and appliances to meet all aspects of clinical dentistry. To meet your expectations we have grown into an Occlusal-Implant-Cosmetic (O.I.C.) Laboratory.

With over 45 years of experience in the dental technology field, we build advanced occlusal concepts into every restoration and appliance we custom fabricate. With a greater understanding of how teeth, muscles and joints work together, we can create restorations that not only look lifelike and aesthetic, but can last longer and function better. Allow us to apply the knowledge we’ve accumulated into your next restoration or appliance.

We hope our e-Newsletters prove to be informative, educational, and beneficial. Each issue will cover different topics on materials, techniques, services and educational opportunities.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with specific questions. We look forward to working with you.

Case Courtesy of Dr. Jeffrey Waisglass
Scarborough, Ontario
Custom Shading - Aided with Digital Photography
The patient presented with an old discoloured crown. There was decay around the margin and gingival recession. The patient was not interested is improving the entire smile, he only wished for his centrals to match.
To mask out the dark root structure, a single zirconia based all ceramic crown was fabricated. The patient did not wish to travel to the lab for pre-shading or custom staining. A crown was fabricated and the shade was taken from a digital picture that was e-mailed to the lab. The shade was slightly off with the value being too bright. A second digital picture was e-mailed to the lab with the new crown in place and the crown was re-shaded. The final crown was inserted with a blending that made it almost indistinguishable from the natural tooth beside it.
Pre-op picture e-mailed to the lab 1st attempted at colour matching from picture Final colour matching from picture

a Limited Time Offer Valued at Over $900.00
with your 1st, 2nd & 3rd case

Free Straumann Restorative Kit
Send us your first Straumann case and you will qualify to receive a Straumann prosthetic restorative kit free of charge. Should you choose to do a few more Straumann cases with us, you will be able to receive additional components free of charge (see details below)

Your First Case - Free $445 value
Purchase: The restorative components for your first case under the program
Receive: Ratchet, torque control device, and appropriate driver for your case at no charge ($445 value)

Your Second Case: Free $85.00 value
Purchase: Final abutment for your case
Receive: Impression components and analog at no charge ($85 value)

Your Third Case: Free $380.00 Value
Receive: All prosthetic items for the case at no charge (impression component, analogue and final abutment, a $380 value)

Contact Ron at Klausz Dental Laboratory for More Details

Makes the Dream Work

(Together Everyone Achieves More)

By Peter Barry C.M.C., R.R.D.H.
Practice Success Coach

Teamwork has never been more important!
I have always been fascinated why people like Gandhi, Einstein, and Martin Luther King succeeded in life while other people who may be equally talented and hardworking achieve only mediocre results. Why do some dental teams always seem to advance, and be “in the zone,” while others do not? Why do some teams have to work twice as hard and twice as long as others only to achieve the same results? The answer lies in something that is truly at the root of all great things created in business and in life. The answer is teamwork or collaborative group engagement. Gandhi, Einstein, and Martin Luther King didn’t work alone! They surrounded themselves with people who shared passionately in their dream.

Making it happen!
In seminars and workshops when I talk about teamwork I see many people nodding their heads, but often in a desperate sort of way. They seem to grasp these concepts in theory while simultaneously surrendering to the impossibility of actually making it happen within their own practice. It is my observation that the ultimate key to success in dentistry, before clinical skills, before finance, technology, systems or office manuals is our strategic ability to come together as a one functional unit to play the game of dentistry. Although core levels of these other competencies are important, it is our level of teamwork that remains our ultimate competitive advantage. There is a difference between a group of highly skilled individuals versus a group of people who are truly playing together a team game that achieve one collective result.

Synchronized focus and activity!
Over the last 15 years dentistry has undergone a major transformation. It is reinventing itself before our very eyes. We no longer have to operate at the level of a repair clinic whose central focus is “delivering procedures and processing transactions”. Our services help people live a better life. We sell the ability to live comfortably and feel good. We provide happiness served through the medium of dentistry.
As a 21st century team you must begin synchronizing your focus and activities to more accurately deliver these enriched experiences to your customers. Then you will no longer be serving people’s teeth but their spirits as well. That’s when the profession of dentistry gets really exciting. That’s when our patients will perceive the greatest value from our services. Remember; “You don’t grow a business, you grow the people within your business then together you can take your business anywhere”.

Contact me to learn more about igniting the chemistry of your championship team!

Author Bio
Peter Barry is a Dental Success Coach™, Certified Management Consultant, and Restorative Dental Hygienist. He provides customized group and one on one “Success Coaching” to Dental professionals across N. America. peter@practicemastery.com / 416-568-5456 or visit www.practicemastery.com


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