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July/Aug 2014
An O.I.C. Specialty Laboratory
Occlusion - Implant - Cosmetic

"We Build Advanced Occlusal Concepts Into Everything We Do!"
We've grown into an O.I.C. Laboratory!
At Klausz Dental Laboratories, we are committed to providing our clients with a full range of services, restorations, and appliances to meet all aspects of clinical dentistry. To meet your expectations we have grown into an Occlusal-Implant-Cosmetic (O.I.C.) Laboratory.

With over 44 years of experience in the dental technology field, we build advanced occlusal concepts into every restoration and appliance we custom fabricate. With a greater understanding of how teeth, muscles and joints work together, we can create restorations that not only look lifelike and aesthetic, but can last longer and function better. Allow us to apply the knowledge we’ve accumulated into your next restoration or appliance.

We hope our e-Newsletters prove to be informative, educational, and beneficial. Each issue will cover different topics on materials, techniques, services and educational opportunities.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with specific questions. We look forward to working with you.

Panthera Sleep Appliances
The Next Generation of Mandibular Advancement Devices
The device is custom made through CAD/CAM technology. The design is comprised of two retainers, created by laser sintering, that are made to be inserted on the maxillary and mandibular teeth.
The linkage system is composed of two triangles that are fixed on the lower retainer and of retention rods attached to the upper retainer which maintain the mandible’s advancement. The device takes in account each patient’s particularities and offers better adaptation, which diminishes discomfort and increases stability.
Material = Type 12 Organic Biocompatible Polyamide
No discolouration - No odor retention
  • Non-invasive treatment, fully reversible
  • Excellent compliance by the patient
  • Comfortable, due to its small size
  • Adjustable, interchangeable rods to control the advancement
  • Easy insertion and removal - simple for the practitioner and for the patient
  • No anterior coverage
  • Fabricated with type 12 organic biocompatible polyamide
  • Homogeneous material thus hydrophobic – will not discolour or retain odors
Comfortable / Adjustable / Reduces TMJ pain
This innovative system brings together the forces of the horizontal occlusion plane. This limits muscular and tempromandibular joint (TMJ) pain. The Panthera device allows for lateral and vertical movement during sleep. Breathing through the mouth is also possible. The device also allows a 1mm gradual advancement by changing the length of rods in accordance with medical recommendations.
Panthera Mandibular Advancement Devices come with an incredible 5 year warranty!

The Novaloc Matrix System, with its newly developed technology, is a ready-made connective element to affix removable dentures to Locator Abutment
PEEK Material Snap Fit - retention and strength in demanding situations

The snap fit connection of the Novaloc Matrix to the Locator Abutment is based on the locking mechanism of the retention inserts. These four, colour coded inserts span the functional range of the Locator Abutment and are more retentive than traditional male inserts. In particular, thanks to the construction of the retention insert and the use of PEEK as a material, the Novaloc Matrix is also able to cater to situations where several extremely divergent abutment positions exist without wear and tear to the retention inserts.
  • Innovative Swiss Made technology
  • 4 Retentive inserts, logically colour coded according to retention values
  • Retention inserts have a long lifespan and better hygiene
  • Well thought-out, user friendly Novaloc tools
Novaloc Matrix System - Allows for Implant Divergence of 40 degrees

The Novaloc Matrix System offers the possibility of retention of a dental prosthesis for non-parallel implants with angles of up to 20 degrees. This means that divergences between two implants of a maximum of 40 degrees can be corrected. For this purpose, the four color-coded Novaloc retention inserts, classified by retention weight, can be used without the need for angled abutments.
There are a lot of good reasons to choose Novaloc - View the illustrated 1 page guide here

Using the laws of fluid dynamics, a prosthodontist at the University of Illinois came up with this simple device consisting of two water pads, connected by an equalizing channel. When placed in the mouth, the Aqualizer allows both left and right sides of posterior segments to equilibrate with each other, allowing the muscles of mastication to relax. Its floating action makes it an excellent tool to simplify TMD diagnoses and treatment planning. It can act as a temporary pain control splint, as well as guide your equilibration technique for either teeth or splints.

A Simple Step-by-Step Procedure to Capture the Open Bite for Splints and Nightguards

Step 1: – Insert an Aqualizer™ into the mouth allowing the muscles to bring the mandible to its natural, most comfortable 3-D position, (great in combination with T.E.N.S. and jaw tracking). Add base plate wax under pads for small increases of less than 2mm.  If there is no spasm in the muscles, step two can be performed 10 minutes after insertion.
Step 2: – Instruct the patient to bite down naturally with the Aqualizer™ still in place, while injecting silicone from cuspid to cuspid.
Step 3: – Remove the Aqualizer™ with the anterior bite still in place. Inject registration material between the occlusal surfaces of the left and right posterior teeth. Instruct the patient to close carefully into the previously established anterior bite. Allow the silicone to set.
Step 4: – Remove the one-piece full arch bite registration from the mouth.
Step 5: – Assemble the patient's dental casts accurately into the bite registration. Send this assembly to the lab, or mount the combined casts/registration assembly on your articulator.
Step 6: – Remove the silicone bite registration. The Aqualizer™ allows you to preview, then accurately reproduce for splints, the most functional cranio-mandibular occlusal relationships.

For your additional convenience, our laboratory now stocks: Low, Medium, & High Volume, Ultra Aqualizer

 Be sure to visit our website at www.klauszdentallab.com for more information on the Aqualizer or email the lab for your free Aqualizer Information Package and Aqualizer sample.


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