January - February 2016
An O.I.C. Specialty Laboratory
Occlusion - Implant - Cosmetic

"We Build Advanced Occlusal Concepts
Into Everything We Do!"

We've Grown into an O.I.C. Laboratory

At Klausz Dental Laboratories, we are committed to providing our clients with a full range of services, restorations, and appliances to meet all aspects of clinical dentistry. To meet your expectations we have grown into an Occlusal-Implant-Cosmetic (O.I.C.) Laboratory.

With almost 50 years of experience in the dental technology field, we build advanced occlusal concepts into every restoration and appliance we custom fabricate. With a greater understanding of how teeth, muscles and joints work together, we can create restorations that not only look lifelike and aesthetic, but can last longer and function better. Allow us to apply the knowledge we’ve accumulated into your next restoration or appliance.

We hope our e-Newsletters prove to be informative, educational, and beneficial. Each issue will cover different topics on materials, techniques, services and educational opportunities.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with specific questions. We look forward to working with you.

Anterior Aesthetics by Klausz Dental Labs
Case Courtesy of Dr. Natalie Abbott, Toronto Ontario
Dr. Natalie Abbott

A 3+ Year Treatment Plan...
Involving Ortho, Temps, Implant Crowns & PFM Crowns

The patient presented with an unstable posterior occlusion and a 100% anterior overbite that was placing a destructive load on his ten year old anterior bridge. The resulting effect was the breakdown of the cement seal allowing decay and the ultimate loss of bridge abutment tooth #23 and single tooth #24.

Over the 3+ year treatment plan, the maxillary bridge was removed, and due to skeletal discrepancies and ortho limitations, the patient opted for minimal orthodontics to intrude the lower anterior teeth and to slightly improve and stabilize the posterior occlusion. Implants were placed in the edentulous spaces and a combination of screw and cement retained restorations were fabricated, first in temporary materials to train and adapt the tissues and then final pfm restorations were fabricated. The results - a more stable occlusion, protected with canine guidance, and a more aesthetic smile.

“I trust Ron and his team at Klausz Dental Lab to constantly deliver precise fitting restorations that provide greater aesthetics and superior function. They stand behind everything they do and they care about my patients as much as I do. I’m so glad I found them.” - Dr. Natalie Abbott
Case Study - Dr. Natalie Abbott - PFM Crowns, Implant Crowns

Lava All-Ceramic Crown and Bridge Restorations
Zirconia Based All-Ceramic Restorations
Strength and Beauty - Together at Last

For decades, PFM has set the standard for strength, durability and marginal fit. With the Lava All-Ceramic System, these standards have now been enhanced by aesthetics. The Lava All-Ceramic System is an innovative CAD/CAM technology for all-ceramic crowns and bridges on a zirconium oxide base. Lava crowns and bridges are suitable for both anterior and posterior applications.

The aesthetics and biocompatibility of Lava restorations represent the optimum in all-ceramic systems. Preparations require minimal removal of tooth structure, and cementation can be accomplished using proven, conventional techniques.

The frameworks can be tinted to match the shade of the final restoration. As well, the frameworks are thin and translucent which ensure a natural appearance. The Lava All-Ceramic System provides the most durable and aesthetic, high-strength all-ceramic restorations available today.

Download the Lava Clinical Guide HERE. (pdf - illustrated, 7 pages)

Why We've Chosen Lava for All-Ceramic Bridges


  • Excellent esthetics and translucency
  • Outstanding marginal fit
  • Superior strength of Zirconia with high fracture resistance
  • 8 shades of Zirconia framework
  • Ideal for 4 to 5 unit bridges & indicated for up to 12 units
  • Preparation is similar to PFM
  • Conventional cementation
  • 12-year clinical history

Illustrated Prep/Cementation Guide (PDF)


Bonus Offer!
Exclusively From Klausz Dental Lab & 3M ESPE

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For a limited time, until February 29, 2016, Klausz Dental Lab will provide you with the perfect partner to cement your crown - a complimentary sample of RelyX Unicem 2 Translucent with Clicker Dispenser valued at $300.00, when you send us your first Lava case.


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Our Doors are Always Open
We pride ourselves in the high quality and care that we provide our clients and their patients.

There’s no better sign that we are serving you well than the number of new dentist referrals that contact our laboratory. Referrals and word of mouth are the number one source of new clients for us. When you give us a good reference, we won’t let you down! A vibrant client base helps our laboratory grow and expand so that we can continue to offer the very best in dental laboratory materials and services.

So, if you’re wondering whether or not we accept new clients – the answer is YES. Not only do we accept them, we encourage them. There’s no higher compliment for us than to be given the privilege of meeting and serving the needs of your colleagues and friends.

Most laboratories are constantly looking to obtain as many new clients as possible – NOT US.
To maintain the high quality of work and exceptional service our clients have come to expect, we are only looking for 3 new clients in 2016.

We’re looking to build lasting relationships with our clients and that starts with a clear understanding of their needs. When we say, “Working Harder and Smarter For Your Practice”, we mean that we’re finding solutions for each of our client’s specific needs and challenges, whatever they may be.
Are you looking for more? If so, why not give us a call?


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