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The Use Of Dental Implants Is On The Rise

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 Implants - Taking the mystique out of Implant Dentistry
By Dr. Michael Weinberg, B.Sc., DDS, F.I.C.O.I.
Fully illustrated and documented, 80 slides that help to take the mystique out of implant dentistry, step-by-step. It's a 3 meg PDF so please be patient for the download.

The Dental Implant Planning Worksheet in easy-to-print PDF format. We designed it to help plan every aspect of your next implant case.

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View this article in our Tips section: Esthetic Implant Abutments

Be sure to read Ron Klausz’s article(s), “Aesthetic Implant Abutments – Unscrambling The Abutment Puzzle” from the November issue of The Canadian Journal Of Cosmetic Dentistry, Vol.2 No.2 and "Quality of Life Regained: Utilizing An Implant Supported Bar Overdenture: A Case Report" from the August 2008 issue of Oral Health Journal."

Abutment Types Newsletters by K.D.L. - Encode Abutments - Atlantis Abutments

As patients are becoming more educated in dental options, dentists are finding it necessary to offer more choices. With this in mind, we are constantly upgrading our skills to serve you better.

We can provide you with the tools and guidance you need to confidently offer dental implants as a treatment option to your patients.

Klausz has the Certifications of an Implant Specialty Laboratory

we support all implants systems

Did you know Klausz Dental Laboratories is certified as a Nobel Aesthetic Laboratory, a Zimmer Preferred Laboratory Member, a 3I Certified Laboratory, a Straumann Trained Laboratory, and a Dentsply Ankylos Certified Laboratory?

Be sure to read Ron Klausz’s article, “Aesthetic Implant Abutments – Unscrambling The Abutment Puzzle” from the November issue of The Canadian Journal Of Cosmetic Dentistry, Vol.2 No.2 and "Quality of Life Regained: Utilizing An Implant Supported Bar Overdenture: A Case Report" from the August 2008 issue of Oral Health Journal.

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Our Dental Implant Planning Worksheet (PDF format)

To make implant planning easier, we have created the "Dental Implant Planning Worksheet".
It will allow you to create implant estimates, taking into consideration all aspects of implant treatment.

Click on the link below to print your own copy.

Download the handy Dental Implant Worksheet here.

FREE! - With All Our Implant Restorations

Included, at no additional cost, with all our implant restorations, is a complete Implant Care Kit

This exclusively designed product contains all the items necessary for your patients to properly care for their new implant restoration or prosthesis.

Giving you more than you expect, that’s the way we’ve been doing it for almost 50 years!
Is another way, “We’re Working Harder and Smarter for Your Practice”.

Click to go to the Reverse Marging website

We are constantly striving for ways to improve on the quality of the restorations and services we offer our clients.

We are proud to partner with innovative companies and clinicians who are striving to advance their respected fields of dentistry. This is why we’ve endorsed the Reverse Margin™ design, which is part of the Cement Control System™ invented by Emil L.A. Svoboda PhD, DDS. Imagine implant prosthetics that are designed to help you optimize the implant-abutment connection and eliminate residual subgingival cement which can lead to implant complications and failures. Extrapolating from the research of TG Wilson (2009)*, preventing residual subgingival cement can reduce the complication rate by about 60%. *Thomas G Wilson Jr. The Positive Relationship Between Excess Cement and Peri-implant Disease: A Prospective Clinical Endoscopic Study. J. Periodont 2009;1388-1392

We have become one of the first dental laboratories in Ontario to be certified to provide “site specific” custom abutments with crowns and bridges that have the features of the Cement Control System™.

If you are interested in learning more about the Reverse Margin™ and the Cement Control System™ please visit www.reversemargin.com , or if you wish to try this design on your next case, please contact our lab.

Staying at the forefront of technology and advancements in the latest design characteristics
is just another way, “We’re Working Harder and Smarter for Your Practice”.


Implants - Aesthetic Implant Abutments

Aesthetic Implant Abutments
Avoiding The Grey Gum Syndrome

Implant abutments have come a long way over the last twenty years.  The first abutments that were made available came only in predetermined heights and provided very few options.  Later, angled abutments were provided by implant manufactures, however their uses were restricted due to the limited number of predetermined angles that were available.  Implant manufacturers recognized these limitations and developed the castable abutment, which comprised of a machined fit gold alloy base with a plastic sleeve commonly referred to as a UCLA Abutment.

The UCLA Abutment was a giant leap forward in making more aesthetic and more retentive implant restorations.  It allowed the clinician to customize for each implant and situation, the emergence profile, crown margin depth, and abutment angulations.  The fact that the abutment was still all-metal is one of its major drawbacks.

Today we have available a wider selection of custom components that allow us maximum flexibility in aesthetic situations regardless of implant manufacturer.  Procera Custom Abutments, available for both the Branemark and Replace Select implant lines, can now be made from sintered Zirconia. Providing the benefits of superior strength with a warm tooth shade emerging from the gingiva, makes these abutments an ideal choice.

In a situation where custom all-Zirconia abutments are not available, we still have other options that work equally well.  They provide great strength, with the ability for more natural emergence profiles without the graying of the gums.  We are able to take the gold based UCLA Abutments, that most implant companies provide, cast them to their ideal shape and contour for our situation, and then create the labial margin area by baking porcelain directly onto them.  With this technique we get the strength and fit of a machined metal abutment with the aesthetics of an all-ceramic abutment.

Consider now the many options you have available the next time you are faced with an aesthetics situation involving implants.  Be sure to use our 15 years of experience restoring dental implants to your advantage. 

Innovation – just another way we’re working harder and smarter for your practice!

Be sure to read Ron Klausz’s article, “Aesthetic Implant Abutments – Unscrambling The Abutment Puzzle” from the November issue of The Canadian Journal Of Cosmetic Dentistry, Vol.2 No.2.

Klausz Dental Laboratories - Helping Dentists Unscramble the Abutment Puzzle


Implants - Precision Milled Titanium Bars

Welcome to a new era for Overdenture Bar Treatment
We are proud to provide the latest in Precision Milled Titanium Bars. Using the precision of CAD/CAM technology, we are able to create custom Hader, Dolder, and Primary Bars for overdentures as well as Fixed-Hybrid Bars for fixed removable restorations. Never before has the ability for CAD/CAM precision frameworks existed. Welcome to a new and exciting era for overdenture bar treatment. Imagine - you may never need to cut and index a framework again.

Precision milled from a solid block
Precision Milled Titanium Bars are created by state of the art scanning and milling processes and now you have access to this technology through Klausz Dental Laboratories. Milled from a solid block of titanium alloy, these restorations are lightweight and provide a passive fit without the potential weakness associated with cutting and soldering. Precision Milled Titanium Bars can interface with all the leading implant systems available in the market today thus providing maximum flexibility.

Procedural Steps
With Precision Milled Titanium Bars, the following simple steps need to be taken:
1. An accurate fixture level impression needs to be taken and a soft tissue model created.
2. Our lab will fabricate a verification jig and return this to you for indexing while the screw retained bite block and tooth set-up are confirmed.
3. Once the verification jig is tested and returned to the lab along with the confirmed soft tissue master cast, and the denture tooth try-in, then the scanning and milling processes can begin.
4. 3-D images of the proposed design, in relation to the denture tooth set-up as well as the soft tissue landmarks, are evaluated and approved prior to milling. The finished bar is returned to your office for intra-oral evaluation and confirmation of fit.

3I Biomet CAM StructSURE Software
BioCAD Design Software
Precision Milled Bar

Excellence in aesthetics, form and function
Today's patients take excellent aesthetics, form, and function for granted, even for implant-based restorations.
We are proud to partner with innovative companies such as 3i Biomet and BioCad to provide our
clients with the very best that technology has to offer.

Our thanks to Dr. Michael Weinberg for providing us with this case sample and photos.

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Innovation - it’s just another way we are working harder and smarter for your practice.