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Welcome to the Products & Services section of our website 
A complete Product list, Services, turn-around times and Case Delivery Calculator can be found on this page.

DETAILS of Klausz D.L.'s Products and Services can be found in the following sections.

Fixed Products including Lava, Procera and In-ceram
Removeable Products including Ivocap, cast partials and TheraSnore
Attachment Products including O-SO, Vario-Snap and Hannes
Implant Products including the handy Implant Planning Worksheet
Orthotic Products including the Olmos Deprogrammer

VITAPAN 3D / veneers, e.max / Premise Indirect (Belleglass NG) / Zirlux / Lava / Temporization

SR-Ivocap acrylic / Soft Denture Liners / Cast Partial / Occlusal Splints

 O-SO attachment system with replaceable O-ring / Vario-Snap SG / Hannes Anchor spring - loaded, esthetic retention

The Implant Planning Worksheet / Aesthetic Implant Abutments /
Precision Milled Bars

Custom Dental Orthotics/ Sleep Apneas Appliances / Maxillary Anterior Deprogrammers and Day Orthotics

Specialty Services
Occlusion Services

Bite Equilibration Technique, Cosmetic Consultations, Digital Smile Designs, Advanced Dental Occlusion

The Border-Lock Tray and The Aqualizer are special Promo Products of Klausz Dental Lab.

Specialty Occlusion Services - Precision Articulators allow for greater accuracy and consistency

Specialty Orthodontic Services - One of Klausz Dental Labs best kept secrets!

Digital Dentistry - Klausz Dental Lab - Your Digital Partner


Klausz Dental Laboratories Ltd. Product List
and Days Required IN-LAB

Note: In-Lab days usually do not include weekends, pick-up days or holidays.
Check out our interactive Case Delivery Calculator. It can help when booking appointments.
Need an standard Rx? Download a printable PDF here.
A printable orthotics Rx is available here.
Contact Us for time requirements for complex cases. We are here to help you.


Crown & Bridge/Ceramics

Porcelain to Metal Crowns and Bridges 6 days  
All-Ceramic Crowns (Lava / Procera/ e.max) 8 days  
Porcelain Veneers 6 days  
Ceramic Inlay/Onlay 6 days  
Premise Indirect Inlay/Onlay (BelleGlass NG) 4 days  
Metal Frame Try-In 4 days  
Full Cast Crowns 5 days  
Maryland Bridge 6 days  
Crowns with Attachments add 2 days  
Temporary Corwns or Bridges    5 days  
All-Ceramic Bridges (Lava)    10 days  
Trays, Bite Blocks, Sports Mouthguards 2 days  
Set-up for Try-In 3 days  
Processes and Finishes, Splints 4 days  
Soft Relines, Jump Rebase 2 days  
Repairs, Relines 1 day  
Minor Repairs, Relines (Called in Before 10 am - Returned by 4pm) Same day  
Thumb Partials        2days  
Cast Partials    
Metal Framework with Bite Block 5 days  
Framework with Teeth Set-Up 7 days  
Framework with Teeth Set-Up & Processed 9 days  
Cast Metal Repairs and Add-Ons 1-3 days  

Fixed Restorative...
Add three days to Crown & Bridge schedule
Removable Prosthetics - Call for scheduling

Custom CAD/CAM Milled Abutments (Any Implant System) 6 days  
Custom CAD/CAM Milled Bars (Any Implant System - Any Style) 10 days  
Splints - Horseshoe / Impact / Hard/Soft / Pankey /  4 days  
Deprogrammers 5 days  
Olmos Orthotics 5 days  
Hawley Retainers 5 days  
Band & Loop Space Maintainers 4 days   
Gelb Appliances    5 days   
Lingual Arch Wires    4 days  

Note: Production days are exclusive of pickup days, weekends and holidays.
Contact Us for additional information - technical product info and price list.

Rx scripts are available here for Standard Rx and Orthotics Rx


 Call for pickup - 416-630-6262 / 1-800-410-4392

 Klausz Dental Laboratories Products
Regular and Specialty Services


Crown & Bridge/Ceramics Services

Custom Stain / Custom Shade    

Bite Equilibration Technique - We have been able to help eliminate approximately 95% of chair side adjustments.

Cosmetic Dental Imaging - digital image enhancement    
Repair / Relines - Same day - local service only    
Implant Services    

Implant Component Selection
Chairside Assistance upon request to local dentists.
Download the helpful Implant Planning Worksheet here

Need to talk about a specialty service? Call Ron at 416-630-6262 / 1-800-410-4392

 Klausz Dental Laboratories
Interactive Case Delivery Calculator

This Case Delivery Calculator is interactive and will display approximate delivery times for many of our products and services and can be useful for dentists and staff when scheduling patient appointments. On the left are the in-lab days - the number of days necessary to complete a restoration/service type. On the right side the Delivery Calculator will display approximate delivery times. Complicated prosthetics may take more time. In this case, please call the laboratory for a time quote. Lab Days are weekdays and do not include weekends.

Click on a Day Button to see how the calculator works.