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Removable Products - Overview
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Splints Splint Therapy/Coloured Thermolastics
SR-Ivocap  Injection, heat-curing acrylic
Soft Denture Liners  For "sensitive" patients
Cast Partial Materials and design is the key

Occlusal Splints  4 spints for a variety of situations
Occlusal Splints Article Oral Health Article 2017 (PDF Download)

  Cleaners *removables related

New Materials & Techniques for Greater Functionality,
Higher Aesthetics and Less Chair Time

As the population gradually ages, the demand for greater functionality and higher aesthetics is increasing. We recognize this and as a result, we are proud to introduce our natural looking complete and partial denture systems. Using the newest materials and processing techniques, we are able to reduce unnecessary office visits and wasted chair time, usually associated with removable dentures. Take an active role in meeting the needs of the largest and most discriminating population segment of the North American market..

Klausz Dental Laboratories - Quality Removables - Case After Case
Talented Technicians - Advanced Training - Precision Technology - Trusted Materials

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Splint Therapy Just Got A Lot More Fun!!!

Coloured Thermoplastics

Our Thermoplastics are now available in a variety of colours, designed to be as individual as your patients are.

We are proud to be able to offer our clients a variety of options when it comes to splint therapy, and now all our Thermoplastic Splints can be tinted in 8 additional colours to complement our original crystal clear shade.

Clear Pink Blue Orange Yellow  Violet Green Black Red

The Thermoplastic Splint - for Patient Comfort
Made from a unique thermo-plastic material and was developed for greater patient comfort.  The advanced properties of this material allow it to flex when softened under warm water and thus conforms to the contours of the patient’s teeth when inserted.

The Hard Occlusal/Thermoplastic Interior Splint - for Durability & Comfort
By far the most popular splint and was developed for those heavy bruxers and clenchers.  Its unique combination of a tough impact resistant occlusal surface with its pliable tooth and tissue side offers your patients the best of both worlds: lasting durability and custom comfort.

The Thermoplastic Anterior Deprogrammer - Prevents Posterior Contact - Calms Muscles
Designed to prevent posterior tooth contact and is more than a standard bite splint. It protects the teeth by calming the temporalis muscles, and in many cases can reduce or eliminate muscle pain and inflammation associated with bruxing and clenching.

Whatever your requirements, we have the splint for you!
Now In

Helping To Care For The Products We Create
With Innovative Cleaning and Care Solutions

We’ve always been dedicated to providing our clients, and their patients, with superior dental appliances. We are equally committed to ensuring that these appliances can be properly cared for. For years, we’ve been including with our dentures a sample of “Smile Again Denture Cleaner”, with the opportunity to contact our lab and re-order; we are now delighted to be able to provide our exclusively formulated “Spray’n Fresh Dental Appliance Cleaner” with all our splints, night guards, orthotics and sleep appliances, and “Spray’n Fresh Mouth Guard Cleaner” with all our sports and athletic mouth guards.

A FREE sample of Smile Again Denture Cleaner, Spray’n Fresh Dental Appliance Cleaner, & Spray’n Fresh Mouth Guard Cleaner are provided with each new dental appliance and can easily be reordered from our nely created website.

Smile Again
Denture Cleaner
Spray’n Fresh
Dental Appliance Cleaner
Spray’n Fresh
Mouth Guard Cleaner
These products can be easily reordered at our new website www.KlauszDental.com


Looking for ways to provide greater benefits to our clients, and their patients,
is just another way we’re working harder and smarter for your practice!

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SR Ivocap - Acrylic Injection System
Injection + Heat Curing = Strength + Aesthetics + Time Saving

In 1976 the SR Ivocap System was launched.  This leading edge injection system revolutionized the field of dental prosthetics.  Since the introduction of SR Ivocap, more than 9000 quality laboratories throughout the world have taken advantage of this exceptionally precise processing system.

Denture base acrylics are subject to chemical shrinkage during polymerization.  As a result, the finished dentures often exhibit considerable inaccuracy, particularly if conventional fabrication methods are used.

With SR Ivocap, chemical shrinkage is not an issue. The SR Ivocap system is based on a special injection technique that is capable of compensating for chemical shrinkage.  Controlled heat/pressure polymerization compensates for acrylic shrinkage by pressure feeding additional material into the mould.

Benefits for PATIENTS   CHAIRSIDE Benefits  
  • A healthy mucous membrane – Because of the exceptionally homogeneous denture base, the risk that the dentures will irritate the mucous membrane is reduced.
  • Ease of cleaning – The exceptional polish ability of the denture base material, composed of cross-linked, high-impact acrylic reduces the build-up of plaque.
  • Comfort – Optimum shrinkage compensation enables the fabrication of dentures that fit precisely.
  • High impact strength –The impact modifier, inside the SR Ivocap acrylic, assures high fracture strength.
  • Saves time with less post insertion adjustments –
    The SR Ivocap precision technique helps saves time, provides successful results, and ensures a high level of patient satisfaction.
  • Accuracy of fit – Controlled polymerization prevents raised bites and spherical deformation. 
    As a result, time-consuming adjustments of occlusion and the destruction of occlusal morphology can virtually be eliminated.
Injected under HEAT No Shrinkage / No Distortion Accurate, Strong & Comfortable
The IVOCAP Process - The STANDARD since 1976

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Soft denture liners provide excellent solutions for patients whose dentures are causing a discomfort. Made of a specially compounded dental plastic, soft denture liners make a substantial difference for "sensitive" patients.

Most denture patients can wear rigid dentures satisfactorily. Experience has shown, however, that some people have difficulty wearing rigid dentures and would be better served with dentures that have soft liners. There are many reasons patients would need permanent soft liners added to their dentures. For example, when the tissue covering the bone is thin, unyielding, sensitive and easily irritated by denture impingement. There are times when a hard palate cannot comfortably accommodate the conventional rigid denture base. Or when recent surgery or such anatomical irregularities as torus palatinus or mandibularis indicate special consideration for the bearing area. If the underlying ridge is narrow, thin, irregular or spiny; or when, because of the health or age of the patient, indicated surgery is not employed to correct the form or size of the ridges or to remove bony spicules.

The soft lining is a specially compounded dental plastic. This plastic is designed to make dentures more comfortable and efficient despite tissue irregularities. Most patients find that this cushion will remain comfortable for many months. How long it will remain soft depends on many factors, however we use some of the most advanced materials presently available.


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Klausz Dental Labs' vast experience in the field of removable cosmetic dentistry enables us to offer outstanding cast partial solutions. The key to providing superior cast partial solutions lies in the materials used and in the design of the partial. Our extensive experience has led us to use the finest materials and enabled us to develop highly efficient design techniques.

For many decades, cast partial dentures have been the method of choice when it came to the rehabilitation of the partially edentulous patient. Cast partials can be made from a variety of materials to match the needs of each individual patient. Dental gold and chromium cobalt have been the standard materials of choice, however, newer, lightweight and more biocompatible metals, such as titanium alloys are now available.

Just as important as the material, is the design of the partial. Not only must the partial fit and function, but it should also provide support to the teeth it is utilizing, as well as be aesthetically pleasing. With our extensive experience in the field of removable cosmetic dentistry, we have come to favour the "Hidden Clasp Partial Denture". It is highly effective in protecting, preserving and strengthening the abutment teeth. It is both retentive and stable, designed to provide the patient with complete comfort. The fact that the clasps are hidden is an aesthetic feature that most patients will appreciate. Viewers can read an article called "Hiding Denture Clasps: A Cosmetic Dilemma -- Stephen H. Abrams, DDS " that is in our Tips Section.


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Klausz Dental Labs offers a variety of occlusal splints. Following is a brief description of the four different splint types that we offer. Please feel free to contact our lab for further product specific information.

Horseshoe Splint
The Horseshoe Splint is a popular appliance with a flat occlusal surface made from high impact clear acrylic resin.

Impact Splint
The Impact Splint is made from a unique thermo-plastic material and was developed for greater patient comfort. The advanced properties of this material allow it to flex when softened under warm water and thus conforms to the contours of the patient's teeth when inserted.

Hard/Soft Splint
The Hard/Soft Splint was developed for those heavy bruxers and clenchers. Its unique combination of a tough impact resistant occlusal surface with its pliable tooth and tissue side offers your patients the best of both worlds, lasting durability and custom comfort.

Pankey Splint
The Pankey Splint is made from a tooth coloured acrylic resin material. The occlusal scheme is created with one point occlusal contact per posterior tooth, combined with anterior and cuspid guidance. This allows for total posterior disclusion in all excursions.




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Download the Oral Health (PDF)
"Not All Occlusal Splints
Are Created Equally"

Article Outline

 “Splint therapy has become one of the most prevalent aspects of dentistry over the last number of years. Patients are presenting with multiple reasons for needing this type of dental intervention.
Occlusal splints can be fabricated from a variety of materials depending on the causes and effects of the trauma, the patient’s compliance, the dentist’s preferences, as well as a myriad of other determinants. 

This article focuses on  a variety of designs and materials that traditional flat plane occlusal splint can be made  from, for either the maxillary or mandibular arch.”

Ron Klausz, RDT

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