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Klausz Dental Lab offers a wide selection of dental attachments in Toronto. 

Did you know, cast partial dentures, retained with attachments, can last up to three times longer than clasping alone? Attachments don’t have to be complicated or expensive to be effective. Be it combination or over-denture cases, with an understanding of a few basic principles of how attachments work, along with a step by step simplified approach to case planning and fabrication, you too can start providing your patients with the added benefits of greater retention, increased periodontal health, long-term stability, and superior aesthetics.


O-SO Attachment

The O-SO attachment system is a proven retentive system, that features simple designs that reduces shock, pressure, torque, and wear on abutment teeth. The O-SO secret lies in an easily replaceable rubber O-Ring. It is a tissue resilient attachment with vertical and hinge stress-breaking action.

The O-SO male is a plastic pattern that is incorporated into the wax pattern for a post and root cap coping. It can be cast in any hard dental alloy. Once completed, it is cemented into the root prep and provides the retention for the denture. By maintaining the patient’s natural teeth roots, ridge resorption is slowed. The O-SO female component consists of a rubber O-Ring that is held into the denture base acrylic by a gold-plated metal ring. This allows for ease in replacement of the rubber O-Rings. Simply pry the worn rubber ring out of its metal housing and pop a new one in. It’s that easy.

The O-SO attachment system will make your work easier while increasing the benefits to the patient.

O-SO Male
O-SO Female
O-SO Attachment


Novaloc Matrix System for Locator Abutments

The Novaloc Matrix System, with its newly developed technology, is a ready-made connective element to affix removable dentures to Locator Abutments.

Novaloc-Blue-Matrix SystemThe snap fit connection of the Novaloc Matrix to the Locator Abutment is based on the locking mechanism of the retention inserts. These four, colour coded inserts span the functional range of the Locator Abutment and are more retentive than traditional retentive male inserts. In particular, thanks to the construction of the retention insert and the use of PEEK as a material, the Novaloc Matrix is also able to cater to situations where several extremely divergent abutment positions exist without wear and tear to the retention inserts.

Innovative Swiss Made technology

4 Retentive inserts, logically colour coded according to retention values

Retention inserts have a long lifespan and better hygiene

Well thought-out, user friendly Novaloc tools

Divergences between two implantsThe Novaloc Matrix System offers the possibility of retention of a dental prosthesis for non-parallel implants with angles of up to 20 degrees. This means that divergences between two implants of a maximum of 40 degrees can be corrected. For this purpose, the four color-coded Novaloc retention inserts, classified by retention weight, can be used without the need for angled abutments.

Novaloc Flyer
Mounting & Removing Of Retention Inserts


Vario-Snap Attachments

The versatile Vario-Snap SG attachment is a simple, yet effective extra-coronal attachment designed for removable precision partial dentures. The round male component is available in two diameters, 1.7 mm for smaller areas such as the anterior and bicuspid regions, and a 2.2mm diameter for the molar area.

It starts as a plastic pattern that is incorporated as part of a crown wax pattern and cast in a hard dental alloy. The versatile Vario-Snap SG can be positioned in a standard distal arrangement or at other aspects of the crown.

The color-coded female inserts provide progressive degrees of retention and are easily replaced when worn. This system has proven itself time and again, due to its flexibility and reliable performance.

Vario-Snap SG- Male
Vario-Snap SG- Female
Vario-Snap SG


Hanes Anchor

The Hannes Anchor Anterior Precision Attachment
Another Aesthetic Solution for Anterior Retention

For years, anterior retention of partial dentures has been a creative balance between adequate retention and the patient’s desire for aesthetics. Traditionally, metal clasps have been the primary choice for providing retention. Recently, tooth colored clasp materials have been developed that improve the aesthetics, however, anterior teeth seldom have adequate undercuts to provide long-term retention.

A seemingly simple attachment has been developed which provides a solution that appeals to both the patient and the dentist. The Hannes Anchor is an intracoronal, spring loaded, plunger type attachment, which provides mechanical retention. The internal spring of the male plunger activates only on insertion or removal. The stainless steel male plunger, which is embedded into the acrylic of the partial denture, engages a small dimple prepared into the mesial or distal surface of an abutment tooth. A stainless steel female can be cemented into the enamel of the natural tooth, or incorporated into a crown. As well, a small dimple may be cut into the enamel with a round bur the same size as the plunger. The position of the dimple or female should be approximately 1.5mm to 3mm from the tissue. For additional support, a reciprocal lingual bracing arm can be incorporated with a rest seat.

This anterior aesthetic attachment will work with a newly designed case or can be incorporated to perform with existing bridgework. The amount of retention depends upon the engagement of the plunger into the depression, so care must be taken when the female depression is created. In some situations, some mild displacement can be felt if pulling on the anterior aspect of the RPD, however, patients find the design very retentive.

The next time you are faced with a situation where there is a lack of retention in the anterior of a cast partial denture; consider the many advantages of the Hannes Anchor.

A special Thank You to Dr. Stephen Abrams for providing the clinical pictures.

Crown Insert and Denture Plunger

Crown Insert and
Denture Plunger

Female dimple prepped onto the enamel

Female dimple prepped
onto the enamel

Male plunger embedded into the acrylic

Male plunger embedded
into the acrylic

Final retentive and aesthetic result

The final retentive and aesthetic result

Always looking for ways to improve the quality of our work is just another way we are,

“Working Harder and Smarter for your Practice!”



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